Dream of the Great Ship


Painting: Don Bosco dream of the two columns

St. Don Bosco's dream has meaning on more than one level. The basic message is that we should anchor our selves to the Eucharist and Mary for safe harbor. The dream also warns us to stay away from destructive literature and media that promote a culture of death. Although itís a simple message, the dream describes that staying on course in our Christian pilgrimage requires all our strength.

On a deeper level these things can mean much more. Having the Eucharist as a goal of the pilgrimage can mean that this is a journey to proper Liturgy. The exploding books may represent concepts, ideologies, philosophies and principles that came out of writings of the 1800's and 1900's. The enemy forces can be political and military powers from Marxist, Fascist, or Communistic countries. The struggle to maintain course can mean the personal strain of Popes to keep the Church on course after Vatican II.

Beyond that, the dream has a prophetic dimension. Many people can instantly recognize John Paul II as the Pope who falls in the dream and many can see the meeting of captains as the Vatican Councils. The storms are recognizable as various wars but is there any evidence to support these intuitions? Who is the Pope who moors the Church to the Eucharist and Mary and what does the placid water at the end mean? You will find clear and substantiated answers to these questions and many others along with greater details on all these levels of interpretation in this fascinating book Dream of the Great Ship!

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What people are saying:

"The author and his interpretation... are intriguing in their application to his day and even to our own. No one can deny that the events of our day reflect the grave crisis in the church and world of today but also the hope and power of the Eucharist and Mary, the mother of Jesus in the outcome of the war at hand."
~ Fr. Raymond Skonezzny, STL., SSL

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"The author thoughtfully walks the reader through St John Bosco's dream and applies a systematic interpretation using disciplined approaches. In this journey, the author's dive into the details doesn't detract but rather adds to greater understanding of the role of the Church and the battles the Church faces. In addition, the author also provides very interesting comparisons to other dreams of St John Bosco as well as the Fatima secrets, which I found very thought provoking. I also appreciated the footnotes and the thorough references throughout."
~ T. Black (Foothill Ranch, CA)

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"I was really impressed with the depth of information in this book. It explains the dream in ways I never would have imagined."
- Barnes and Noble Reviewer

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